Best Performers Felicitation

The Foundation has a special ceremony every year to felicitate the best performers from each of our sectors. Following the initial Best Performers Leadership Programme conducted in 2014 by Full Life Coaching for the best performers of 2013, the Foundation of Goodness made this a yearly event.

The programme is designed to motivate outstanding students to achieve their full potential, giving them the necessary incentives to succeed while also uplifting those around them.

This year 73 students from the 2017 batch of students from our IT, Diving, Sports, Women’s Empowerment, Dancing, Business Skills, Children’s Good Values Initiative, Language Training sectors and the Udumulla and Rathgama Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centres participated in the event which took place on the 10th of March.

Chief Guests at the event were Asian International School teachers Mrs. Damayanthi Fonseka, Mrs. Surangani Fernando, Mrs. Medha Dhurgabakshi, Mrs. Lakmali Dissanayaka and her son Lakindu Dissanayaka who has gained entry to Medical College in Canada and gave a rousing motivational speech to our beneficiaries.

The event was also attended by FoG Founder/ Chief Trustee Mr. Kushil Gunasekera, MCC Centre of Excellence General Manager Mr. Sampath Viraj and the FoG teachers.

The Dancing Class students performed 2 items- the Paththini Dance and Devol Dance and there were speeches by former and current outstanding beneficiaries, Ruwanka Madushan and Yasindu Kavishani. Ruwanka was a student at the FoG IT Centre who utilized the foundation he received with us to build a successful career in the industry, and is now a Software Engineer at Virtusa Polaris. Having been in the very same position as many of the best performers attending the event he gave them a real life example of everything they could hope to achieve.

Yasindu Kavishani is an outstanding swimmer from our Sports Academy who has been making waves, her motivation and dedicated training helping to enhance her innate talent which has resulted in great success and her perspective on what it takes to be a success was of immense value to her fellow best performers.

We wish all our best performers even greater success in the years to come, in all their undertakings.


22nd March 2018








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