Kajugaswatta School visits the Sports Academy

35 children from Kajugaswatta Maha Vidyalaya located in Kalawana drove for over one hundred kilometers just to visit the FoG Sports Academy and see a swimming pool in person.

The visit took place after the school principal wrote to FoG explaining that the children at his school have never had the opportunity to visit a swimming pool. In fact, this very act had been an unimaginable event to them for the longest time. Having heard of the Foundation of Goodness he asked for the opportunity to visit our premises to tour the Bryan Adams Foundation Swimming Pool Complex and give the children from his school an opportunity to see a swimming pool.

So it was that on a bright and sunny day in April that a 70 strong delegation made up of 35 kids along with the teachers and parents arrived at the Sports academy, having left home at 5 a.m. that morning and driven for hours in their excitement to get there.

What a day it was. The children stared in wonderment at the adult pool the infection bursts of laughter really started to flow when they were given the chance to jump in to the baby pool. The kids had a great time splashing each other and dividing in to groups to play ball. At the end of the visit the kids were thrilled to receive little packs of stationery as gifts before going back home.

Following their return the Principal wrote the following letter of thanks:

Dear Sir,

Re: School Trip dated 2018.04.04

The teacher who visited your facilities on the above date with the 2nd grade students from our school have informed me of all the care they received from you during our visit to your organization by giving them this opportunity  and ensuring the  their safety and comfort, especially through dedicating two staff members who looked in to their every need.

In addition to this you have also provided snacks for our entire group and given gifts to our children. Everyone including the parents who were a part of the visit have been left with a wonderful impression of your organization.

On behalf of our school and all the parents and teacher who visited on that day I would like to express my most sincere thanks.
Siripala Udawela

The Principal
G/ Kajugaswatta Maha Vidyalaya
Pothupitiya, Kalawana

The Foundation of Goodness is delighted to have had this opportunity to host the students from Kajugaswatta School and wish all the students nothing but great success in all their future endeavors.


04th May 2018








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