Rotaract Club Cultural Fair for FoG

A special Cultural Fair event was recently organized in The Hague, The Netherlands by the Rotaract Club of The Hague International in support of the Foundation of Goodness.

The event was spearheaded by Piyumi Jayasundera, daughter of Ravi and Aloma Jayasundera who have been long time supporters of the Foundation of Goodness and all our humanitarian activities over the years.

The fair featured talent performances from different cultures including singing and dancing and the attendees were also able to enjoy a variety of international snacks. The cultural performances included a piano recital, a ‘world radio’, a salsa workshop, singing and dancing.

The event was an opportunity to bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds for a truly worthy cause in support of the Foundation of Goodness and all the work that is conducted every month to uplift rural communities.

All proceeds from the event will go towards providing opportunities and resources to those in need via the Foundation of Goodness humanitarian activities.

The Foundation of Goodness is truly appreciative of the team from the Rotaract Club of the Hague with a special thank you going out to Piyumi for bringing together the international community to make the world a better place.


24th May 2018









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