Coaches Across Continents

Coaches Across Continents are a global leader in sports for social impact who design, develop, and implement Legacy Programs. Working in 54 countries across 6 continents their work impacts 15 million children and influences 100,000,000+ consumers.

They are the only global NGO providing year-round process consultancy resources in sport for social impact. By using Self-Directed Learning methodology, CAC mentors organizations through their Hat-Trick Initiative to create legacies of sustainable social change based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals addressing issues such as: female empowerment, including gender equity; conflict prevention, including social inclusion; health and wellness, including HIV behavior change; Child Rights; and other life skills.

The Coaches Across Continents team have collaborated with the Foundation of Goodness over a number of special coaching clinics, the first one having taken place in December 2017 with the most recent one concluding earlier this month. The Foundation of Goodness has also conducted special Peace Day programmes at our project centres in the north as per CAC guidelines.

The coaching clinic in May took place over the duration of 4 days, and was open to all the kids and youth training at the Seenigama Sports Academy. Coaches Bill, Judith and Nick Gates together with Jordan Stephenson conducted all of the programmes and the team were joined by Eva Halper from Credit Suisse and Reema & Sotonye from Room to Read.

The programmes were a rousing success, with fun and engaging games targeting cohesion and team building among the participants.
Programme attendance:
Day 1 (31st May) -  46 students  and6 coaches
Day 2 (1st June) - 54 students and 7 coaches
Day 3 (2nd June) - 55 students, 7 coaches and 5 disables beneficiaries
Day 4 (3rd June) - 48 students and 5 coaches

This programme was a fun and eye opening experience for our sportsmen and women who had the opportunity to divert from their regular training to engage in a stimulating learning experiences that would be very valuable to them in their sporting careers.

We look forward to continuing our work with Coaches Across Continents to raise the standards for rural athletes in Sri Lanka.


14th June 2018









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