First Place for Erepola Sri Mahinda School Drumming Team

The Erepola Sri Mahinda School’s (Eheliyagoda) dancing unit had lots of keen and talented students interested in learning traditional drumming and dancing.  However, despite their enthusiasm the school struggled with continuing their traditional dancing and drumming classes because they did not have their own drums which are an essential accompaniment for any traditional dancing team.

It was taxing on the school to hire drums every time their students wanted to compete with other schools, and as such their ability to perform and develop was severely hindered.

When they reached out to the Foundation of Goodness for help purchasing drums, we were happy to help these highly skilled students to develop their art through purchasing 3 drums for the students to practice with.

With these new drums, they students were able to master their craft and earlier this year, the school drumming team participated in the National Schools Drumming Competition, competing against most talented school drumming teams from around the island.

We are absolutely delighted that the team were able to come first in their category at the competition, proving without a doubt that given the right opportunities, they had the necessary skills and talent to outshine their competition.

We are privileged to have been able to be of assistance in their journey, as this exemplifies our overall goal to provide rural beneficiaries with the necessary skills and tools to realize their dreams. With the help of our friends, supporters and donors we hope to light the way for many more students and communities from around the island.

22nd June 2018









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