The Elizabeth and Nicholas Nainani Foundation

Sapan Nainani is no stranger to the Foundation of Goodness, having conducted a large number of humanitarian activities with the Foundation of Goodness over the years which have made a lasting impact towards uplifting the lives of many rural under-served villagers striving to better themselves.

As a true believer in philanthropy and doing what you can to lend a helping hand to fellow humans in need, Sapan has worked towards instilling  these same values and ideals in his children at  very early age. Many of the great works conducted are carried out under the banner of his kids, ‘The Elizabeth and Nicholas Nainani Foundation’

Proving that they are following closely in his footsteps, young Elizabeth and Nicholas recently made a very special donation by collecting funds for the Foundation of Goodness in honour of Fathers’ Day, understanding at such a young age how important it is to help others in need.

The Elizabeth and Nicholas Nainani Foundation will also be sponsoring FoG’s Lahiru Pre-school for the next year, giving rural impoverished kids a great start to their education. Doing well in school is often the only option available to these kids to escape the cycle of poverty that they are trapped in and therefore it is essential to have a good start to their school life. Many low income families cannot afford to send their kids to preschool and therefore free of charge facilities like Lahiru Pre-school can make a big difference in their lives.

The Elizabeth and Nicholas Nainani Foundation have previously funded the construction of a new Classroom for our Electrical Installation & Maintenance class where many village youth practice learn vocational skills that help them obtain gainful employment or even start their own business as electricians.

Over the years, Sapan has also funded Essential School Supply Packages over a number of years, helping young students receive all their school needs for the year, helped to develop the activities carried out by the Community Psycho-social Unit, provided for the medical needs and welfare of children who have not been able to receive the necessary care due to financial constraints and provided groceries for needy and disabled beneficiaries.

A big thank you goes out to the Nainani Family for their selfless acts of generosity which continue to make a difference in the lives of rural impoverished villagers to make better progress in life.

13th July 2018









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