Special Needs Development in Sri Lanka

The Foundation of Goodness has been slowly but steadily expanding its work with special needs communities over recent years, having recognized an urgent and unmet need across large parts of the island.

Previously we have joined with the CIMA Students Society to establish a special needs classroom at Dehigahalanda Maha Vidyalaya (School) in Hambanthota and have been supporting the Meth Sewa Foundation Special Needs Home in Moneragala for many years now with the help of our kind supporter who have donated beds, water mattresses and washing machines in an effort to improve the lives of the residents.

Following their visit to the Meth Sewa Foundtion in 2017 during the Pimp My Tuk Tuk Charity Ride, the PMTT Group has now committed to long term support for the organization including helping with their electricity costs, setting up a water tank to help combat problems with water shortages and donating a big-screen TV for the residents to watch as a group activity, having realized during the ride how much everyone at the Home loves to dance.

Two members of the PMTT Tuk Tuk Ride, Kenny and Jamie Moyes have organised a walk (which will take place in September) to raise funds for further development.

Volunteer Barbara Dietrich also conducted weekly physiotherapy sessions for children with special needs at the FoG Medical Centre for a number of month and later introduced a dancing class which still takes place every week at the MCC Centre of Excellence, giving the children a chance to enjoy a wider range of interests, skills and activities.

With leadership from our long term donor and supporter, Dr. Naj Nagendran Foundation of Goodness will be assisting other organisations supporting Special Needs Children's programmes in the North and South including Serendip Children's Home in the North, Methsewa Foundation in Moneragala and the CIMA Students Society and Schools Relief Initiative.

In the past few months these initiatives have enabled us to donate supplies and training therapy material to the Menhandy Special Needs Home, Navodya Special Needs Home and special needs units at government schools in Kilinochchi and Jaffna, financially support the Zonal Level Special Needs Children’s Sports Meet in Kilinochchi when they needed help securing ground rent and t-shirts for the event in order to make it a great experience and open a Special Needs Unit at Bhaarathy Vidyalayam – Kilinochchi.

Training is also conducted for Special Needs teachers and mental health workers by Julie Cox and speech therapy and assessment programmes are carried out by 2 speech therapists, Bhairave and Ayesha from the Kilinochchi Hospital and discussions are underway to start a vocational program for special needs communities in the region.

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