Reverse Osmosis (R. O.) Water Purification Plant in Habarawatta

The Foundation of Goodness is delighted declare open a Reverse Osmosis (R. O.) Water Purification Plant in Habarawatta, Galnewa (Anuradhapura District) with funding provided by the Australian High Commission Direct Aid Programme. This is the 8th R. O. Plant to be established by the Foundation of Goodness since 2015, located as follows:

1. Unichilakaddy - Vavuniya District - Sponsored by TESCO, UK
2. Alapathgama – Anuradhapura District – Sponsored by FoG Trustee Ashan Malalasekera and the Youth Progressive Foundation
3. Mihintale - Anuradhapura District – Sponsored by PMTT Charity Ride
4. Dehiattakandiya – Ampara District – Sponsored by FoG Trustee Mahela Jayawardena
5. Mullekumbura – Moneragala District – Sponsored by PMTT Charity Ride
6. Galnewa - Anuradhapura District – Sponsored by PMTT Charity Ride
7. Bakamuna – Polonnaruwa District – Sponsored by FoG Trustee Mahela Jayawardena
8. Habarawatta – Anuradhapura District – Sponsored by Australian Aid Direct Aid Program

The rapid spread of Chronic Kidney Disease in recent years has been a serious problem in Sri Lanka which requires immediate action, and the Foundation of Goodness is committed to providing clean drinking water to these communities.

Research findings seem to indicate a strong correlation between Chronic Kidney Disease and water, especially in the farming communities of the North Central Province where it is believed that continuous exposure to the causative agent  the accumulation of a critical level of a kidney toxins or the progression of the process that triggers a mechanism leading to the decline of kidney function.

Chronic Kidney Disease is thought to possibly occur due to the presence of pesticides and the chemicals arsenic, cadmium and lead in the water source. The Ministry of Health reports up to 400,000 patients suffering from CKD with up to 13 deaths per day due to the disease, highlighting the need for immediate action.

As a result of Chronic Kidney Disease patients may experience complications like high blood pressure, anaemia (low blood count), weak bones, poor nutritional health and nerve damage. Kidney disease also increases your risk of having heart and blood vessel disease.

“Early detection and treatment can often keep chronic kidney disease from getting worse. When the kidney disease progresses, it may eventually lead to kidney failure, which requires dialysis or a kidney transplant to maintain life” (National Kidney Foundation, 2017).

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification is one of the few water purification techniques which can remove chemical contaminants from the water, which is what is most needed in the given situation.

The Foundation of Goodness regularly monitors all of the established R. O. Plants and we are happy to report that the local communities appear to be making optimal use of these installations and we are very optimistic about our ability to manage the spread of the disease through the provision of clean water for cooking and drinking. Beneficiaries have reported a reduction or cessation of physical symptoms after prolonged use and we are hopeful that access to clean water will halt the progression of the disease for those suffering from its early stages and help those who have not contracted it as yet to remain CKD free, which has serious and positive implications for the future standard of life of the many young children and youth residing in these villages.

Currently the 8 reverse osmosis water purification plants impact the lives of 6,500 beneficiaries from 41 villages.

We were deeply honoured to be joined by Dr.Tom Davis, First Secretary Development Cooperation at the Australian High Commission for the official opening ceremony of the Habarawatta Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Plant.

“Clean water is the most basic necessity to have, so I am glad you now have access to it. The Australian Government has supported FoG through the Direct Aid Programme and we use that programme to support villages exactly like this, so we are proud to have been able to help you in this way,” said Dr. Davis.

He went on to explain that the clean water provided by this plant would make all the difference for the future of the villagers, and most importantly, of their children, to live a long and healthy life.

Representatives from ABC who install and maintain the R.O. units were also at hand to explain how this plant works, expand on its importance and dispel any myths and fears held by the people.

The Foundation of Goodness together with our sponsors and donors seeks to continue our mission of providing clean water and uplifting the lives of rural communities one village at a time.


31st August 2018









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