FoG Kids Annual Concerts

The kids attending various classes and programmes at the Foundation of Goodness from the preschool to the MCC Centre of Excellence and Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centres celebrated all the hard work of the past year with a number of vibrant and colourful concerts.

The teachers and students were busy for months, organizing and preparing for the events. Costumes were made, songs memorized and dances choreographed, while each group transformed the stage in to a beautiful display of their creativity.

The Annual concerts are a time to reflect on everything the kids have learned, while using the mediums of song and dance to express themselves and have a great time!

The little ones at the MCC Centre of Excellence Lahiru Pre-School in Seenigama, transformed the stage into a field of Sunflowers and the kids put on a fantastic show, really letting their light shine on stage. It was a heartwarming evening full of the talented young singers and dancers in colorful costume.

During the Children’s Good Values Initiative Concerts, the Kahawa Children’s Good Values initiative had handcrafted peacocks decorating the stage while the kids dressed up in bright costumes to share their talents with family and friends.

The Akurala Children’s Good Values Initiative were doing things differently this year. They organised a Fashion Show where all of their outfits were made out of recycled material. The event was a glamorous affair and the designers and models outshone themselves with their inspired creations.

The MCC Centre of Excellence, Seenigama Elocution Class Annual Concert was a full of our talented little ones showcasing their hard work. The children performed a medley of poems, songs and dances. It was inspiring to see the kids master a second language and express themselves eloquently.

The Mathagal Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centre celebrated the Christmas season with their Annual Concert! The kids were eager to take the stage and put on a spirited performance that really brought out the spirit of the season.  

The Bandarawela Village Heartbeat Centre Concert was a beautiful affair with the kids performing songs and dances in an evening full of laughter and joy.

We are so proud of all the hard work of our wonderful little ones, who shone like stars at all the Annual Concerts.  Early childhood education is so important in ensuring that kids have a sturdy foundation to build on. All of our children’s programmes are geared to provide rural students with quality education on par with that in the cities.




25th January 2019







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