A holistic rural community development model seeking to bridge the gap between the urban and rural communities via 10 empowerment divisions across 500+ villages island-wide reaching over 35,000 beneficiaries annually, free of cost.


This is awesome! I think especially for many of the day to day donations as opposed to specific project asks, this report on the Sujatha Special Needs Home gives an enormous amount of transparency to donors and supporters. Agreed if you can get governments/authorities to see this on a regular basis may also inspire them to offer some support knowing where the funds are going.

Great job !!

Paul Davies 


Many Heartfelt and Warm Thanks for forwarding your latest FG Newsletter that really moved and astounded me. I have forwarded it to 13 of my specially selected friends and associates and pray that – apart from motivating them to lend their support in a tangible manner – most importantly that they are made AWARE that a Foundation such as yours is ACTIVE and EXISTENT in Sri Lanka – the Land of our birth. From me – a very special Thanks for your contribution of what constitutes the Act of Forgiveness – it was specially relevant and inspirational personally.

Blessings and Good Will and Success to you and your team

– Max Gerreyn


Dear Kushil & Team,

Thank you so much for all your care and all the support to make the efforts from Harsha a success. May you get more and more blessings from God Above!

God blessings!

– Harsha and Team

Dear Kushil Sir and All,

We are so pleased and proud to witness the Centre of “Foundation of Goodness” in Seenigama. What you are doing to uplift the lives in rural areas in Sri Lanka is fabulous. We wish you and bless you to do more and more services to Mother Sri Lanka.

Thank you so much sir!

Shashikala Siriwardena
Chamari Athaputtu
Ineshi Fernando
Kaveesha Dilhari

(Sri Lanka Ladies Cricket Team) 

Dear Kushil,

This is a phenomenal collective of collaborative work !! And against the background of COVID! Kushil, you are a true champion for our people in SL !!

I can honestly say it has been one of the serendipitous events in my life to meet you in this journey. Despite all the negatives I am fiercely optimistic about the changes we can bring to our country. I am a firm believer in against all odds. All my life’s energy are for my family and the people of my homeland.

We can achieve even more remarkable things in the coming years.

Best wishes,

Dr. Kushwin Rajamani

Dear Kushil,

Just been perusing your first Newsletter for 2021  and feel privileged to extend to you my humble but huge respect and congratulations for the unbelievable and varied support  – benefits and CARE that the FOG has contributed to the people of my mother country in a year as tragic and sad that was 2020. I will be saving your ‘sermon’ on Generosity for reference  and consideration. It is beautifully described. The FoG unique in being a home-based organization that does provide a  fantastic spread of help and empowerment.  Congratulations, congratulations and congratulations.

With the very best regards,

Max Gerreyn

It has really been an amazing experience getting to visit the Foundation of Goodness and it has definitely been one of the best. Being able to come here and also having being able to meet and donate essential school supplies to needy and rural kids is really a privilege and we are very thankful.
It is a really great and kind-hearted initiative and we wish you all great success in all the noble acts you will plan to do in the future. Thank you for the fabulous experience once again and we hope to visit again in the future!
Loads of thanks,
Team API Foundation (Sri Lanka)
Many thanks for the November FOG news letter. It is mind boggling the work your organisation does. Much merit and many blessings to you and all your dedicated staff. May you go from strength to strength.
With great admiration,
Michael Tissera

It gives me great joy and honor to be able to work with the entire team at Foundation of Goodness! Thank you for all the amazing work you do on the field. The speed, efficiency and the relentless commitment is unlike any organisation I have worked with.

This is a great beginning and will only grow from here…….

Best wishes

– Dr Kushwin Rajamani

Thank you for giving me a wonderful insight into the amazing and dedicated work that is being done here. May your endeavours grow from strength to strength, serving the people of this village and Sri Lanka.

– Nirmali Wickremesinghe

We came to FoG to see its operations today and what we saw goes beyond anything we have seen in out lifetime. People at FoG consider taking care of others as one of the core aspects of their lives. Their dedication and efforts have to be commended limitlessly. Mr. Kushil took his personal time to make sure we were treated as royals even though we haven’t done a bit from what they have done for the community of Seenigama area and all around the country. We are whole heartily looking forward to contribute to their services in any way possible.  Big thanks to Mrs. Ludmila and Mr. Saman for showing us every corner in the facility without taking it as a burden. Their smiles will light up the place for years!

– Lahiru & Nuwan

Thanking you kindly for your hospitality and open welcoming arms!

The work the group has done is truly impressive and definitely got myself and Mihiri thinking of how to incorporate and support with some of the design projects we are leading. I truly believe the time is ripe to support the development of “arts and craft” to a more design, value-added, artisanal direction. The skills and craft shown really have potential!

I look forward to visiting again some time soon and spending more time!

– Robert and Mihiri

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and company. From organizing interviews, giving us a tour, gifts & a delicious lunch. We shall certainly be back again and hope to join FOG as future volunteers and work with you.

Thank you once again. A special thanks to Kushil and Saman for their amazing work ethic!

– Shalini and Sajith

Thank you so much for having us. It was a privilege to visit FOG. Personally I was inspired by your excellence, discipline and passion. Wishing you all the best.

Prakash – Youth for Christ Team

Dear Kushil and the wonderful Foundation staff. It’s a privilege to have come and witnessed the amazing work you do. It is hard to imagine until you see for yourself. This country is fortunate to have such an amazing centre, impacting many lives. Thank you for making it a better tomorrow for everyone who comes here. Good luck and good wishes!”


First of all we thank Kushil and his team for giving us the opportunity to visit FoG. It is indeed a great initiative and a timely model for the nation. Anyone can speak big philosophies but putting them into practice is not that easy.Mr Kushil is doing a great job and we carry a good message to our society from you all. Congratulations for all the good effort. May God Bless All.

MTM Sabry

It is a great concept and Mr. Kushil has great goals. We are impressed with the Foundation of Goodness because they have multiple ideas and are working for the betterment of village people. All the best

M.A.M Fahry and M.J.M Arafath Careem

I was so impressed on seeing the facility at FoG today. I could feel the hard work and the pure intention behind this project. I particularly salute Mr. Kushil and his team, who are dedicated. It’s a great job done

MACM Jawahir

Thank you to the Foundation of Goodness, Kushil and your team for such a beautiful and inspiring experience. I am so touched by all of the good and compassion you are bringing to the people of Sri Lanka and to everyone who has the opportunity to join you in your efforts. I will remember these past few days always and bring the kindness I’ve witnessed here with me, into the world

Marielle Schurig – UBS Financial Advisor

This is such an inspiring place! The passion people have here and the power of the results delivered.The Foundation of Goodness deserves to be the special place it is. I hope Kushil’s amazing work is replicated in hundreds of villages worldwide.

Mr Tony and Family

Kushil, you and your staff are motivated and inspirational. The world is a better place for what you do. Best wishes for your continuing work in Sri Lanka and thank you for sharing some of your many success stories with me.

Mark Thompson – Stellario Group (Australia and Sri Lanka)

Thank you so much for having me and showing me the wonderful work the foundation is doing. You are all incredibly inspiring and give me hope for a bright future for humanity

Elizabeth Yancey (USA)


“Thank you for letting us see all the wonderful work that you are doing here for the people of Sri Lanka. We feel very honoured that our son Mathew and his wife Charmila, have been able to help the Foundation of Goodness in practical ways during 2019 It has been lovely to meet Chamila and his staff face to face in this very special place”  

Barry Sugden & Wife


What a pleasure! Thank you for spending so much time with me showing the extraordinary work of the Foundation. Glad to see the Canadian origin swimming pool is going strong. We will need to further develop the cricketing links! Thanks again.

H.E David McKinnon

Canadian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka

I heard from members of my club, Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club, what amazing work is done here. I was not disappointed and very impressed.

Mr. Christopher Hurd

Thank you for giving me such an extensive tour of the foundation. It was very enlightening. You are doing such great work

Mrs.Yee Wai Lee

After visiting our sponsored children, we had the chance to see and understand what the Foundation is doing.

Thank you very much for the good work you are doing!

Christian and Manuela Schlindwein

Thank you Saman and Ludmila for taking us to show the goodness that the FoG does for the community and harnessing the rural talent. We at P&S wish you the very best for the future.

Janaka, Isuru, Srijith, Lalith and  Kamal – Perera & Sons Bakers (PVT) Ltd

Thank you ever so much you guys for your huge effort to make the Foundation greater, day by day. Keep up the good work!

Plasthi, Johan and Chemila from Columbus Tours

Team from LK Domain visited and toured the facility. We were impressed by the facility and programmes and hope to have a long term partnership.

LK Domain Team

The Centre of Excellence you have created in INCREDIBLE! You help so many people and give them training and hope and ability for a better future!

Thank you for showing and sharing love and help to so many! We pray blessings follow you!

The Stock Family 

Thanks for showing us around your facility. It is amazing to see all the work you do with the community. I can’t wait to be back here later on this year to help out any way I can.

Dasith Goonatilaka

We are amazed by the quantity of goodness that can be done by one person. Even more amazed by the excellent team work that goes on at FoG!

Dr. Sanjeevani, Dr. Lushantha and family

We had a wonderful day at FoG Seenigama. We leave enthused, happy and glad. Kushil and FoG your work and effort is exemplary.

Lal Chandranath 

It is unbelievable the amount of good work that you are doing here. Honestly I have never seen a single person doing so much for humanity.

Michael Perera

All that we have seen here today is truly inspiring. We deeply believe that your work is creating immense positive change and development throughout Sri Lanka. We look forward to becoming a part of this change.

Jayamini and Thanuja

All that I have seen here today is truly inspiring. I deeply believe that your work is creating immense positive change and development throughout Sri Lanka. I look forward to becoming a part of this change.


I would like to use this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and wishes to FoG for organizing the shoot for our programme and I wish them the very best for their future plans and developments.

Isuru and the Hi TV Crew

An amazing concept that could be used world wide. If only all communities got together and supported each other in this way. We will do all we can to support and promote and fund raise.

Rick and Shirley – UK/Spain

Wonderful place. So impressed with your efforts to help the needy.

Ranjani de Silva

This is such an amazing centre. The model used here could be so effective around the world, and it should be used as an example for others of how to give back and empower those people who need it most. Amazing work.

Brandon Cragg – UK

Thank you for introducing us to this inspiring organisation. We are happy to spread the word and support it!

Phillip Moll

An amazing place. People here are working hard to help change the world.

Bill Boehm 

Congratulations to the FoG staff and volunteers for maintaining the vision of helping those who need a hand.

Key and Trevor Ganley

What a wonderful visit to your centre. The children’s performance was a joy to watch and we appreciated their enthusiasm.

Anne and John

Congratulations on the wonderful work you do, changing lives and offering hope. We especially loved seeing the children’s dance performance.


You have all done such a wonderful job in your endeavours here at FoG. Your commitment to your cause and the passion you all show is amazing.

Mike and Helen Grear

Thank you for a very special visit. We will always remember it.

Fran and Steve Maitland

What a wonderful organisation giving opportunity to many.

Kathy and Mark Collins

We are very excited to work with you and be involved with the amazing work you are doing. Very impressive work and facility in the interest of Good.

Ishara Abeysekara 

We are impressed with the work done to help the community. We wish the Foundation continued success in its endeavors.

Chris Senaratne and family.

What you are doing in this place should be inspiring to every leader in this world. Thank you for making a real change in this world.

Garan Rasathurai, CEO Karma Tours SL

It was a great pleasure to meet you and I am sure we can bring some boys to Olympia 2024 in Beach Volleyball. Let’s go for it! The big success starts today!


You guys are amazing, showing the world how easy it is to do good to others. Let’s show the world, there is just one world, it doesn’t matter where we live, where we come from, together we will do great things!

Your friends from Germany, Laurenz Weipert

The work you are doing is amazing! All the best for continuous success !

Air Chief Marshal Mr. Kolitha Gunatilleke

It was one of the most fulfilling days of my life. Wishing you much success.

Dr. Amrith Santusht

Quality People and quality work. You’re inspiring the nation and it is a platform for the next generation.

Hasanka Padukka

Thanks again for your welcome. I feel like I was in a great place at the right moment. Your soul and hearts are pure! Looking forward to working together.

Lucile, France

It was a great privilege to visit your marvelous establishment. Since my last visit there was a thirst within me to extend my contribution to your journey and your effort to help humanity and rural communities by fulfilling so many dreams. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Ruwanmali Jayasinghe

We were really very impressed with the good work being done by the Foundation. Almost every area, section and activity that we looked at had a stamp of love and excellence all over it. The Foundation has surely come a long way and is making continuous impact in communities! Good work and goodness have a way of making lives better.

Abha Kumar and Santosh Kumar (Country Manager for Mastercard Sri Lanka and Maldives)

This has been an amazing trip visiting the Foundation of Goodness. I am glad to finally visit the facility, since meeting Kushil many years ago, looking forward to working with you.

Ananda Fernando

Thank you so much for taking the time to show me all of the amazing work you are doing throughout Sri Lanka! What you have accomplished here is truly inspirational, and your mission is increasingly admirable. I have very much enjoyed learning from you and hope that we can collaborate in the future.

Sarah Dugan

Wonderful to see the impressive work done by FoG. Really good to meet the FoG team and discuss the way forward towards the FoG – APSL collaboration.

Dr Mahesh de Silva, President APSL

Thank you very much for the wonderful visit and showing me your work. It is truly inspiring and encouraging to see your work. Keep helping our communities and we hope to facilitate your work in the future.

Dilanke Panagoda, Pepper Life Pvt Ltd

Thank you Kushil for giving us the opportunity to experience your cookery class. I was able to get a few tips and hints on Sri Lankan dishes. You are doing an amazing job to support the needs in rural villages. Every time I visit, I see a huge increase in the work. Well done and may you be blessed to keep going. You’ve got an amazing team too! Many Blessings


It seems like an amazing place for young people to advance in life with new skills. Thank you for a great cookery class and the wonderful meal.

Tina, Australia

Thank you for having us here. It is fantastic to hear of the work that is being done, and how much the place has grown.

Ben Gorham and Mikayla Richardson – Sydney, Australia

It is excellent to witness the many and varied initiatives run from this centre for the benefit of the community, young people especially. I have also had the benefit of seeing this work carried out in other provinces too. It’s a vital and telling contribution to the future of Sri Lanka and all its people. Many congratulations and best wishes for the future.

Stephen Tunstall – British Asian Trust

It is delightful to see your achievements of the last few years. I wish you all the best for future success and to help build a nation of prosperity.

Assistant District Secretary Galle –  Mr Sharfas

It was amazing to see and experience a project that touches so many lives. An inspiration to us all! Wishing all the best to the Foundation of Goodness.

Sammy and Mythili

A wonderful place. Mr Kushil Gunasekera has shown what a wonderful world it could be. I will get more Sri Lankans and visit and share what we could do to make our country a wonderful place.

Retired Senior Superintendent of Police Lakshman de Silva

The Foundation of Goodness has touched nearly every facet of human endeavour. It will reach greater heights!

Ranjit Pereira

Thank you so much for the experience you have provided me through my volunteer programme. This has been a life changing adventure for me and has changed my perspective on many things which I once took for granted. I have learned many lessons along this journey which I shall carry with me for the rest of my life.

Rahul Iriyagolle

What an absolute outstanding outfit, run by passionate and compassionate people. I am in awe of the unity of purpose, the global support, and the wonderful undercurrent of love that runs beneath all that is done here.

Father Robert – Extra Cover

Work well done! Unbelievable!! Wishing you all the best and thank you for all your efforts. I hope you grow from strength to strength.

Vasantha Varsuwithana

Well done Kushil. It’s amazing what you have done in Seenigam. It was an inspiration for me, Nelanthi and Vasantha to see what can be achieved with clarity of thought and determined focus. May you and your wonderful team go from strength to strength. Very best wishes as always.

Rohan and Nilanthi D.S. Wijeyeratne

Your philosophy is what the world needs. We have seen here how successful it could be when people help others and integrate as one. Hopefully your fantastic work continues to be supported.

Ian and Celeste Bird, Australia

Thank you for everything! The visit to the Foundation of Goodness was amazing and a real eye opener in to what generosity and kindness can do! As a Sri Lankan I hope you all the best going forward. The country needs more Foundations of Goodness!

Maxime Wickramasinghe

It was a privilege, the  opportunity we got to contribute to your wonderful efforts to help humanity. Looking forward to work with your team.

Ramesh Rishikeshan, Colonel Raj Vijayasiri, Major Sanjeeva Kasthuri, Sussil Liyanage

I came here at my father’s highest recommendation and I see it is very well deserved, I am both highly impressed and amazed at everything you have achieved. I wish you all the very best, now and in the future.

Amrith Gnanam

FoG wishing you all the very best. May you all be blessed  abundantly. Compassion and love give so much joy to the world. Thank you for being there for all.

Dr. Jey Gunasegaram (USA)

We are so excited to see the commitment of a team of people making a change in the community and the Nation. Blessing with Metta!

Ashok and Sithara

The Cricket Club of New South Wales Sri Lankan Tour 2019 is in awe of the good work that the Foundation does. Self-help is the determinant of success and the evidence before us is substantive in your efforts to provide community education and vocational training. From the disaster, hope grows. Well Done.

K. Yardy –  NSWCC

Words cannot describe the amount of fun and the wonderful experience we have had over the last 6 weeks. The staff have been so welcoming and supportive, we feel we have made friends for life and have all promised to return one day.

George, Ben, Alex and Jordan – Sheffield School, UK

Absolutely inspiring for us all to see the unconditional work, love + compassion in all that is done in the MCC Centre. You inspire us to be better people, better global citizens and to live a fulfilled life of love and understanding. Thank you for sharing your story.

Trailblazers Travel Group 

To the team at the Foundation of Goodness. All the best wishes from the Association of Professionals Sri Lanka in the UK (APSL). Looking forward to a great partnership to help communities.

Suraj Wijendra – President –APSL

On behalf of the Radford College and Canberra Schools Cricket Touring Party we would like to thank you for your generosity and hospitality during our visit in April 2019. Your work with rural communities is truly inspirational and it was a privilege to see the great work first hand.’

Greg Boorer – Australia

The SLASSCOM team visited FoG for a session to meet your ICT students introducing Future Careers Bridge program pilot. It was a great success with more than 70 of your students. We will be back to get feedback and offer internships soon.


Well done for the amazing work you have put back into your community. Great experience to visit your centre and look forward to contributing in future.

The Perse School, Cambridge

What an amazing experience! I had tears in my eyes when seeing the positivity brought out of such tragedy. This has been a highlight of the visit to Sri Lanka – Thank you!

Bruern Abbey School

Thank you for hosting us. The Foundation of Goodness has shown us the resilience and courage of the Sri Lankan people.  May this fantastic centre be a force for good long into the future and produce many National Cricketers and excellent young people for this beautiful country.

Uppingham School, UK  

Thank you for having us today as this hugely inspiring place. We feel very lucky to have learnt about the incredible work you do.

Lottie Little and Georgia Tindle 

Goodness Foundation is an example to other institutions. They are maintaining their facilities very well. Everything is very clean and perfect. They are providing lots of things to the society. They are working for the people. We appreciate their services and assistance to the society and the country

N. Vethanayahan, Jaffna Division – Govt. Agent

Thank you for all the great work you do for rural communities. You are fulfilling so many dreams. In Australia, we will continue to support the work you so for others. Thank you for hosting me today and once in 2011 too. Lots of love and hope for your future,

Ishara Fernando OYOB – Doing Good Rewards

What an amazing place! Thank you so much for showing us around. Your organization is so organised and well run. It was lovely to see and hear about all your success stories. Thank you.

Charmila and Matt Sugden – UK

On behalf of Sydney Thunder, thank you so much for showing Rebecca and I around the Foundation of Goodness. It was truly amazing and humbling to see the thousands of lives you have impacted and to see how you have turned tragedy in to hope. You are all very inspiring- thank you.

Jonathan Lees- Sydney Thunder (Australia)

Thank you for your valuable time afforded to us to show us and share with us your amazing Foundation. Words are difficult to describe the wonderful work you have done and are still doing. We certainly feel honoured to be here today and know your continued journey will broaden and provide so much for all in the community.

Fay & Reg Paul – Melbourne, Australia

There was a thirst within me, where could I find a place with this calibre of work filled with loving-kindness? Here I came across it after navigating in many ways. Chamila did a marvellous job showing us around which gave me in-depth knowledge of everything you do and most importantly in which ways I cud shoulder spreading the word among people I know.

Priya – UK  

To The FoG, You are very inspiring! We hope to learn from you – for the Philippines especially. Mabuhas! (Keep going strong) Thank you very much for the tour and education!

Jaw Maas, Philippines  

‘Manipay Pradeshiya Sabha is surprised to visit the Foundation of Goodness and their good activities. In the meantime, we are shocked by Mr. Kushil Gunasekera’s leadership and we are happy that Foundation of Goodness is giving their contribution to our Pradeshiya Sabha. We are thankful to Mr. Charitha Ratwatte Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister and Dr. J Gunasegaram for recommending and introducing the Foundation of Goodness to us.’

A. Japanesan, Chairman – Valikmam South West Pradeshiya Sabha, Manipay  

Thank you for showing me around such a magical and inspiring project. The work that is being done here is truly ground-breaking and provides a light to people all over the country. I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to visit and hopefully to work together in the future. Thank you, keep up the amazing work.

Ellsie, Indigo Volunteers – UK  

Thank you for inviting me and Katherine and our team to your fantastic venture. The Foundation of Goodness – from adversity to success. All the best for the future. Thank you for empowering so many.

Shiranee Joseph de Seram, RCCI Team  

Thank you for organising the tour around the MCC Centre of Excellence. We were pleased to see the training and projects done by your team. It is inspirational and informative to see the progress and achievements made during the 20 years of existence. Keep up the good work. Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary.

Prasad Kodikara and Lal Mendis

Thank you and keep up the wonderful work you are doing. Highly impressed by all the activities and building of communities in Gale District.

Dr. Supun Wijesinghe – National Programme Manager, Anti-Leprosy Campaign – Ministry of Health

Your activities are so impressive and has obtained much success. Hope this will actively last longer and have more fruits in the future. Thank you for introducing the centre.

Mamabu Ato. NIID Japan