Harrow School Builds a Library

We have had many groups visit us at FoG over the years who conduct fundraisers to help rural communities or join us as volunteers to be there firsthand in making a difference. One such group that has really stood out by combining both of these aspects were the students from Harrow School- UK.

Before visiting the Foundation of Goodness the group from Harrow School lead by Mr. Will Alderton raised funds to construct a brand new library building at the MCC Centre of Excellence to benefit rural villagers, especially the children and youth attending classes at FoG.

After raising the funds, a team from Harrow School travelled down to Sri Lanka to be a part of the construction process, in setting up the library. The kids jumped right in with enthusiasm, getting involved with everything from clearing the land to laying the concrete bricks, hard at work in the tropical sunshine.

They also took the time to volunteer across a variety of our sectors including the pre-school and Sports Academy to engage more closely with the villagers that they had set out to help. These interactions helped them understand the vast difference in circumstance between themselves and their rural friends in Sri Lanka.

The group also took the time to enjoy a game of cricket with our players at the Sports Academy and travelled out to conduct some sightseeing in Galle.

Once the tour was complete, and they had all returned home young Bazil Saiq wrote in to our Founder, Kushil Gunasekera:

Dear Kushil, 
I just wanted to say a very big thank you for providing me with the opportunity to volunteer at the Foundation of Goodness, along with my fellow students from Harrow. I found your talk at the beginning very inspiring and it was both inspiring and heart-warming to help the children with their daily activities.

In particular, I had the pleasure of coaching some of the children swimming and I was hugely impressed by the incredible ability of the swimmers-some even as young as 9! As you know, consistency is key to the success of any organisation and I was very pleased to see that evident in the FoG.

The experience emphasized to me the importance of philanthropy as well as the importance of being grateful for all we have.

Once again, it was a pleasure working at the FoG and I hope to return in the future!

Kind regards,

Bazil Saiq

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to have met such a remarkable group of people and hope to see more students from Harrow join us in the future to make a real and lasting difference in the world.



04th August 2017



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