"Please join with Yehali and I to help transform the lives of rural vilagers in Sri Lanka's northern province, a land ravaged by 30 years of war but now looking forward optimistically to a new era of peace and prosperity."
Kumar & Yehali, Oct 2011

The Bikes for Life campaign, initiated by Sanga and managed by the Foundation of Goodness has successfully delivered 3,922 bikes to students and villagers, and now sets out to raise funds to complete 4,000 bikes delivered to villagers living in the rural areas surrounding Kilinochchi, Mankulam and Mullativu. These bicycles will be given to carefully selected villagers with preference given to children who desperately need transportation to attend school and obtain the education necessary to free them from a life of hardship and poverty.



Why Bikes?

One bicycle at the cost of US$100 (Approx. 10,800 LKR) provides countless benefits to a rural community member's life, allowing them access to employment, markets for sale and purchase of goods, water and food sources. Crucially, for thousands of rural children, the ownership of a bike is the key to a life-transforming education. Without transport many children are unable to attend school and they therefore remain trapped in a cruel cycle of poverty. We can change all this and help families in the north rebuild their lives.

How Can I Help?

Please fill in the basic contact details below and make a simple donation below which takes you through the to the Foundation of Goodness donation page. In the ‘Notes’ section of the page, please make special reference to Sanga’s Bikes For Life campaign. Alternatively, you can send a cheque made payable to ‘Foundation of Goodness’ at 30/32 Longden Place, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka with reference to the campaign. No matter whether you can afford to give just a few hundred rupees, it will be a donation that helps transform the life of children. Larger sponsorships can also be made by emailing bikesforlife@foguc.org

The Foundation of Goodness

The Foundation of Goodness was set up by Kushil Gunasekera to provide essential services to his ancestral village of Seenigama. Since then he has been joined by a dedicated Board of Trustees and a committed team all working together with villagers and donors in the South (Seenigama) and North (Mankulam) to uplift the lives of rural communities in Sri Lanka. Their mission is to empower the less privileged rural communities, whilst inculcating the spirit of goodness, so that they may have equal opportunities to excel in life.

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For more info please contact: bikesforlife@foguc.org| Foundation of Goodness