Rural Development

Rural Welfare and Development

In addition to our empowerment activities, the Foundation of Goodness is committed to improving the living conditions of rural families including the provision of water supplies, a connection to the sewerage system, electricity supply and providing essential support to complete their homes, monthly groceries and with healthcare needs.

After the tsunami, we have been able to provide housing, complete with modern amenities, essential household items and private gardens to over 1000 families.

Welfare is provided according to the availability of funds to support the many requests that flood in every week, from individuals seeking help.

Children’s Orphanages

Baranasooriya Boys’ Home

Anula Wijerama Girls’ Home

Good Shepherd Girls’ Home – Mankulam

Elders’ Care Homes

Wellawatte Elders’ Home

Madampagama Elders’ Home

Hikkaduwa Elders’ Home

Healthcare, Welfare & Sanitation

Water & Electricity

Livelihoods Assistance

Housing (post-tsunami)

Children’s Orphanages

Elders’ Care Homes

Solar Power


Maternity Clinics

North Development and Reconciliation

Since 2011, the Foundation of Goodness has worked relentlessly to make a difference in the lives of people in the Northern and  Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka; lives which were devastated by the 30-year civil conflict.

Working in the Mankulam, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Jaffna and Eastern areas of Sri Lanka since January 2011, the Foundation of Goodness has positively affected beneficiaries through consecutive monthly visits conducting a variety of projects and programmes including the gifting of essential school packs, Sanga’s Bikes for Life Programme, livelihood programmes, sports workshops, the Murali Harmony Cup Cricket Tournament, agricultural provision, essential food package distribution, school infrastructure projects (library, computer labs and sanitation), and the gifting of essential household items, clothing and musical instruments for school children, sports camps and the donation of sport equipment, developing school sports grounds, water and sanitation projects, North/ South exchange programmes etc.

Sanga’s Bikes for Life Programme

Village & Livelihoods Development

Sports Training & Development

Library & School Development

Water & Sanitation

North/South Exchange Programme

Essential School Supplies Programme

Solar Power

A comprehensive look at our North journey so far!

Stray Friendly – Animal Welfare Initiative

Initiated in phases, this projects aims to educate our beneficiaries on being kind to animals, while taking care of the stray cats and dogs in the vicinity of our Centres. Periodic feeding drives are conducted, where an especially made meal is provided to stray animals. A medication drive is also held occasionally, to treat stray animals suffering from skin diseases /rashes.