Why Volunteer with FOG?

The Foundation of Goodness (FoG) has a robust, flexible volunteer program that has been welcoming volunteers from around the world for 20 years. We offer a flexible, impact based programme that best fits our beneficiaries and volunteers. What we hope to achieve through the volunteer programme is the sharing of knowledge and skills with rural Sri Lankans and the enrichment of our volunteers through the work they do at the Foundation.


Location! Location! Location!

Your volunteer time will be spent against the backdrop of the stunning South Coast of Sri Lanka at our flagship centre in Seenigama. The sun, sand and sea is our backyard! We are located close to some key landmarks, such as the Galle Fort, which is a colonial fort and harbour that was built by the Portuguese. There are so many other things for you to experience in the South Coast, from strolling along secluded beaches, visiting Buddhist temples, enjoying the local cuisine at the various cafes and restaurants and taking part in water sports & other local activities.

Who is it for?

We welcome applications for our volunteering programmes from all walks of life.

Our customised or skills-based volunteering programmes are suitable for individuals ( eg: students, professionals, tourists, retired individuals and etc. ) and groups (clubs, corporate groups, seniors who are retired, university/high school/middle school students and etc.)

What do you gain through volunteering with FoG?


When you volunteer at FoG, you will primarily interact with our beneficiaries from rural communities in Sri Lanka, whose first language is either Sinhala or Tamil. Working in this environment will enable you to learn a brand new language, in order to effectively interact with the people whose lives you will be touching.


Dubbed by Lonely Planet as the Best Travel Destination of 2019, Sri Lanka offers a myriad of exciting and breathtakingly beautiful locations for you to explore. The Foundation of Goodness Flagship Centre is located in Seenigama, on the South Coast of Sri Lanka. The sun, sand and sea is our backyard!


Make lifelong friends with the people that you will be working with. Meet like-minded young people, with similar interests in travelling and social justice, who will renew your faith in humanity. One of our favourite aspects of the Volunteer Programme is that we have regular volunteers who join us on an annual basis. These amazing relationships that we build with our volunteer family, has enriched not only the Foundation but the volunteers’ lives as well.


Add value to your CV through volunteer experience with FoG. Accumulate invaluable experience engaging in social work in a developing Asian Country, with a well-established and widely recognised NGO. All our volunteers receive a certificate detailing their work at the end of their time with the Foundation.


Over the past 20 years the FoG has had the privilege to work with volunteers from around the world. We offer customised or skills-based volunteering programmes and our experienced staff will ensure that each programme is catered to the needs of the individual and group.

We have an extensive range of rural community empowerment activities that you can choose to be a part of. Volunteering at FoG will give you the opportunity to bring much-needed skills to areas as diverse as sport, health, education, children’s wellbeing and more, directly benefitting people in the area who are disadvantaged by poverty and lack of opportunities.

FoG hosts volunteers from across the globe and benefits for both the local community and volunteers are far-reaching. We offer both individuals and groups specially customised volunteering programmes. Whether you are a student, retiree, tourist, school group, corporate group, guides & scouts who wish to give back to a community through a cause that you are passionate about, FoG will put together a programme based on your duration of stay. At FoG we have 30 empowerment sectors, therefore if you or your group wish to take part in a couple of different projects, we are able to cater to your needs and interests. We can also add cultural experiences to your volunteering programmes, eg. Learn to cook a healthy Sri Lankan dish, play a game of cricket with a local team or take traditional Sri Lankan dance lessons!

The variety of experiences and flexibility that our customised volunteering programmes offer, will ensure that you will return home having had the experience of a lifetime.

How do I apply?

Our volunteering team will provide a free consultation in order to customise an experience that suits each individual’s or group’s schedule and interest. Volunteers can choose to work with us for a duration of 2 – 30 days.* Please complete the relevant application below in order to request a volunteering programme.

*Duration of volunteering is flexible.


What are the costs involved?

  • Volunteer Administration Fee of USD 25/- (includes certification of project completion, photo collage and T-shirt)

  • Volunteer Accommodation: See options  below

It is mandatory for all volunteers to use the Foundation of Goodness’ accommodation centres.

What else is included in the Volunteer Placement?

  • Pre-arrival induction (on Skype or WhatsApp if international) in order to brief the volunteer about the project

  • Full orientation provided by the volunteering coordinators

  • Emergency assistance and full in-country support by the local staff and volunteering coordinators

  • Access to Wi-Fi at any of the Foundation of Goodness sites

  • Provide required Foundation of Goodness documentations for any visa* or fundraising applications

  • Free admission to any social, educational and community activities organised by the Foundation of Goodness


Obtaining a visa is your responsibility.  Please contact us if you would like visa information.

If you are interested in volunteering for longer than three months, there is a lengthy process to go through so it is important to contact FoG at least four months before you plan to arrive.

Please get in touch with our Chief Operating Officer: Rashmini De Silva on rashmini@foguc.org to learn more about customizing your volunteering experience at FoG.


“This foundation is truly amazing. It allowed me to spread the knowledge I have to others. I learnt a lot too and got to meet so many incredible people! Thank you for everything, it was an amazing experience!”

Dhiren Purasinghe

“It is a wonderful place. Everyone was so kind. I had a great experience and cannot wait to come back.”

Venya Purasinghe

“Thank you for all your generous hospitality and kindness. The Foundation of Goodness is such a special place! I will miss you all. See you next time!”

Rachel Dennis 

Happy to Help

We would love to have you volunteer with us at the Foundation of Goodness. If you have any questions, please write to our Chief Operating Officer: Rashmini De Silva on rashmini@foguc.org