Sustainable Income Generation

The Foundation of Goodness has understood the value of consistent, high-quality courses for our beneficiaries. Therefore, we aim to be 100% self-sustaining in the future. In order to do so, we have introduced many avenues of Sustainable Income Generation, which not only employ our beneficiaries, but also enables them to test the skills they have learnt through our courses.



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Gourmet Goodness

 Gourmet Goodness was creating by ushering in the best of ingredients to expertly curate coconut based snacks, spreads & authentic spices & seasonings . They are not modest in championing the growing global trend in ethical, healthy, good food. Gourmet Goodness captures the best of goodness of coconut, the ‘tree of life’ to present the best in-breed and widest range of coconut products. Gourmet Goodness, also gives life to Kithul, an ancient all-natural sweetener, ranked as having one of the lowest in Glycemic Index(GI).

Their expertise in traditional spices spans across a century, as we guard the fortitude of Sri Lanka as a haven for spices and seasoning ingredients. Their dedication to ‘Goodness’ as a ‘force for good’, is stronger than ever. Hence, they contribute a portion of their revenue towards the empowerment activities of the Foundation of Goodness.