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October 13, 2022
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October 26, 2022

When the Foundation of Goodness met Sumanawathy and her sons, they were living in a dilpidated shed in a rural village in Horabokka, Buttala in the Monaragal District. For the past 35 years they had struggled in their tiny home, often battered by torrential rain. Being a widow, Sumanawathy found it increasingly difficult to provide for her two sons once they started schooling and the tiny shed seemed to shrank in size as they grew.

Upon hearing their plea for help, the Foundation of Goodness appealed to our donor community to help this deserving family. Thanks to her kindness and generosity, Crystal Martin from Australia came forward to sponsor the construction of a budget home. Construction commenced in June, amidst a turbulent period for Sri Lanka. There were many challenges including a fuel shortage, power outages and a shortage in raw materals. However, the work continued, slowly and steadily overseen by FoG.

As the work neared completion, Crystal Martin was also kind enough to sponor the electricity connection for the home, knowing its value for the two young boys studying.

Yesterday, we were delighted to hand over the home to Sumanawathy and her sons in a small ceremony attended by staff members of the Foundation of Goodness as well. We hope this home marks the begnning of a better chapter in their lives.

A special thank you to Crystal Martin, for showing the power of generosity to change a life.

“When we create happiness for others, we find it ourselves”

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