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September 7, 2022
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September 21, 2022

The statistics paint a bleak picture of the future of food security in Sri Lanka, with several alarm bells sounding over the risk of malnutrition and poverty. From the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka, many rural Sri Lankans who rely on a daily wage have seen their livelihoods adversely impacted. 

This brought to life the Feed the Hungry Project in 2020, which distributed essential grocery packs to rural families unable to step out of their houses to earn daily wage due to COVID-19. However, the following economic crisis has a much deeper and widespread effect among rural Sri Lankans as thousands of pleas for help reach us from all over the country. 

Due to soaring costs and higher need, the new pack of groceries consist of essential food items such as rice, dhal and flour for USD 10 (no administrative cost). This month, this project hit the milestone of 30,000 packs since 2020, benefitting over 120,000 rural beneficiaries, including pregnant mothers, special needs individuals, school children and care homes. Phase 6 has now begun, reaching more communities in need. 

Additionally, the Goodness boxes initiative to serve the urban poor in and around Colombo passed the milestone of 1000 goodness boxes, providing much needed relief to families in need. These boxes contain essential food items, soap, tea and second hand clothes handed out every Friday. 

It would not be possible to touch the lives of so many without our kind and generous FoG Family whose continuous support is helping struggling families get through this difficult time. As the crisis continues to worsen in the coming months, the Foundation of Goodness strives to be a pillar of support and relief to those in need.

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