Diving & Training Centre

Opened in August 2008, with the help of funding from IYF/Nokia in a ceremony attended by special guest US Ambassador Mr. Robert Blake, this Centre provides professional diving training for rural youth.

Before the Tsunami, the main livelihood within Seenigama village was coral mining and burning to make quicklime. Research after the Tsunami quickly showed that in areas where coral had been destroyed, the waves were much more powerful and destructive. This research led to the banning of coral mining which resulted in many people losing their means of making an income.

In response, this centre had been opened, and 60 students per year receive the training which will qualify them for employment in the technical diving industry internationally.

The course is a 3 month Professional Diving Class III course. This course is accredited by the Sri Lanka Navy and is taught by expert instructor Mr. Sahabandu, who has 12 years experience with the Sri Lanka Navy and is one of the most famous divers in the country.

Students also complete their PADI Advanced Course to fully equip them for employment in industrial diving work.

In 2013, Dive Seenigama, Dive Lanka was established as a sustainability income generation venture to assist the Seenigama Diving & Training Centre.






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