Schools Development
School Development
Cost depends on project

The Foundation of Goodness provides support to schools in the southwest since its inception in 1999, and since 2011 it has also extended its development work to schools in the North:

Computer equipment

IT training staff

Grounds maintenance

Other teaching staff including art and music teachers

Sports grounds, sports coaching and competition fees

Classroom and building work

The Foundation of Goodness brought donors together with local schools after the Tsunami, to ensure the greatest needs were met by the compassion of overseas donors, including the building of classrooms, IT centers and other infrastructure at 20 schools:

Seenigama Sri Wimala Buddhi MV
Totagamuwa Vijayabahu MV
Sri Sumangala College
Malawenna Junior School
Woodlands College
Dombogoda MV
Piyarathana MV
BTS College
PDS Kularathna V
WW Kannangara V
Anula V
Kahawa Ratanasara V
Dimbulduwa Junior School
Sri Devananda MV
SiriKavidhajatissa Dhamma School
Sri Rahula Preschool
Singithi Pethum Pre School
Samanala Pre School, Kalupe
Samanala Pre School, Rathgama
Nelsonpura Pre School

The FoG stepped up to the plate once more with the ending of the Sri Lankan civil war and has engaged in development work in schools across the North, including:

Mankulam Maha Vidiyalayam
Oddusuddan Maha Vidiyalayam
Kilinochchi Central College
Ramanathapuram Maha Vidiyalayam
Visuvamadu Maha Vidiyalayam



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