Village Infrastructure & Housing





The Foundation of Goodness is committed to improving the living conditions of rural families. Prior to the Tsunami, the focus was on small home improvements and the provision of main water supply, connection to the sewerage system and electricity supply.

After the tsunami, emergency shelter was provided, first in the temple grounds and then in temporary wooden shelters. It took only a few months for the first houses to be completed to re-house families who had been left with nothing.

In March 2005, a model house designed by architect Navin Guneratne, was completed and gifted by Anil Cook of Rotary Club Metropolitan to the poorest village family, as nominated by Seenigama villagers.

Housing Projects

Children Action is the single largest donor in the Foundation's history, having provided holistic support through funding 200 brand new homes with extras for families living in the 100m buffer zone, repairs to 200 partly-damaged homes and transformation of 15 mud-brick homes.

Thanks to the enormous assistance from worldwide supporters and donors, we have been able to provide housing, complete with modern amenities, essential household items and private gardens.

Constructed over 625 homes in Seenigama and 20 neighboring villages
Repaired 401 partly damaged houses in the region
Provided power and electricity to 500 homes
Monitored the maintenance and environmental management of all homes through the Housing Committee
Installed water purification units and water towers in the housing schemes
Constructed and restored sanitation facilities

Indian Ocean Tsunami, 2004 Community resettlement


Village Welfare

The Foundation of Goodness provides essential and emergency support to villagers in dire need, providing:

Medical Care
Food Items
Livelihoods Support
Electricity and Water
Support to build or buy a house or pay a mortgage
Education Costs

Welfare is provided according to the availability of funds to support the many requests that flood into the office every week, from individuals seeking help.
Since the Foundation of Goodness expanded its activities to the North in 2011, our village welfare activities also includes Mankulam, Kilinochchi and surrounding regions.



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