Village Heatbeat Empowerment Centres


The first Village Heartbeat Centre opened in August 2007 in Udumulla, near Hikkaduwa, Southwest Sri Lanka. Its success lead to a second centre being established in Rathgama in 2010.

In October 2014 a 3rd village heartbeat was set up in Monaragala, marking expansion of FoG’s work to the East and Southeastern regions of Sri Lanka and the 4th centre was established in Gandara, Matara in March 2016.

The project is a rural community development model that can be replicated throughout the rural third-world. It is designed to empower local people through the provision of services vital to the community in one location at the heart of the village.

The Village Heartbeat Centre provides high quality facilities rarely available in rural villages including:

Computer Training Centre (equipped with ten computers)
Community Centre
English Classes
Women’s Enterprise Courses
Youth & Women’s Empowerment Programmes
Children’s Goodness Club
Village/ Environment Improvement Plans
Spiritual training to improve the quality of life
Volunteer expertise oriented programmes

All programmes are free of charge and are taught by qualified teachers. Overseas volunteers work with them to develop new classes and skills and these are open to all who wish to attend from the village and surrounding areas. As well as scheduled classes, the centre is also used as a venue for village clubs and public meetings.

Milestone 10th Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centre Opens in Bandarawela

Murukandy Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centre

FoG 8th Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centre opens in Oddusuddan

FoG’s 7th Village Heartbeat Project Empowerment Centre Opens in Mathagal

A New Village Heartbeat Centre Opens in Gandara, Matara

Village Heartbeat Project Third Project Hingurukaduwa, Passara, Monaragala


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