Environment Management
Environment Management since 2006
Average Beneficiaries per Year: 250
Total Beneficiaries up to 2015: 1,100
Students Represented from: 20 Villages
Average Cost per Beneficiary: USD 7/-

The sustainability of the rural environment is fundamental to the development of the village as part of a global community. Thus the work of our environment management programme focuses on:

Establishing home gardens - to date 25 gardens have been established; including 5 with Children's Goodness Club children
Home Garden at Balapitiya Girl's Orphanage
Community clean-ups
Raising awareness of local environment
Tree planting to replenish foliage and protect vulnerable coastal areas and inland waterways
Bio-gas as an alternative fuel for cooking

Read the Environment Committee’s Mission, Vision and Qualities

We are currently trying to develop a project to recycle materials collected in the region to supply the manufacturing industries including paper pulp, plastics and glass, as there is currently no process for transforming waste into useful material in southern Sri Lanka.

The Foundation of Goodness has distribited 1000+ solar powered bulbs in the North.





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