North Empowerment

The ending of the civil war in May 2009 has provided many new opportunities in Northern Sri Lanka. Having achieved such wonderful success in the Southern village of Seenigama after the tsunami, the Foundation of Goodness is now seeking to replicate the model in this previously troubled part of the country.


Since of 2011, the Foundation of Goodness has worked relentlessly to make a difference to the lives of people in the Northern Provinces of Sri Lanka; lives which were devastated by the 30 year civil war.

Working in the Mankulam, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu and Eastern areas of Sri Lanka since January 2011, the Foundation of Goodness has positively affected beneficiaries through a variety of projects and programmes including the gifting of essential school packs, Sanga’s Bikes for Life Programme, livelihood programmes, sports workshops, the Murali Harmony Cup Tournament, agricultural provision, essential food package distribution, school infrastructure projects (library, computer and sanitation), and the gifting of essential household items, clothing, computers for girls, musical instruments for school children, sports camps and the donation of sport equipment, developing school sports grounds, water and sanitation projects, etc.

We have incurred an admin cost of 10% for the above coordinated programmes in the north facilitating the rebuilding of lives speedily.


Known as the North Empowerment Project, the project will consist of a Learning & Empowerment Institute as well as a New School for both primary and secondary education. The project will provide facilities and services to meet the needs of rural communities and help bridge the gap between these areas and the rest of the country.The project will cater to the healthcare, educational, business development, sports and empowerment needs of the local population through programmes of community development, inter-cultural activities and skills exchange.






















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