Lahiru Pre School Annual Concert


    The Lahiru Preschool in Seenigama was opened in 2006, providing play and education opportunities in a safe environment for local children free of charge. 300+ children have graduated from the pre-school to date.

    The Preschool provides high quality daily classes for under privileged kids from rural areas in good quality facilities including a playground, essential school items, etc.

    Children also benefit from other services provided by the Foundation of Goodness, including regular dental and health checks at the Medicare Centre.

    The children are encouraged to participate in various spiritual and traditional activities that are central to village life, including Sri Lankan New Year, Wesak and Poson activities, festivals, concerts and fun days.

    Lahiru Pre School Sigithi Perahara



    With the commencement of development activities in the village of Neethipuram (Mankulam), the Foundation of Goodness developed the local pre-school from a rickety open air structure into a safe and secure environment for the children furnished for study and play.






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