Charlton Brown volunteers in Seenigama

for the fifth year running


Charlton Brown is an international community services social enterprise which specialises in accredited and contextualised skill set training in aged care, disability care, welfare, children’s services, youth work and justice studies; leadership and professional development programs for industry; practicum work placements across the ASEAN region (Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and the Philippines) for Australian students; study tours and on-going student support with casual, part-time and full-time employment.

Volunteer groups from Charlton Brown have been visiting us at FoG for the past five years, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and resources which have made a real and lasting difference in the rural communities where we work. We must make special note of their work with the children’s and elders’ homes where their training and professionalism has really been a great strength to us.

The seven person team of volunteers lead by Carmel Harrison worked across a variety of areas including the Lahiru Pre-school, English classes, the Children’s Goodness Club, Wellawatta, Madampagama & Balapitiya Elders’ Homes and the Balapitiya & Hikkaduwa Children’s Orphanages.

In addition to all of their hard work, the group also made a number of donations prior to departure including a GoPro to the FoG Dive Shop to help them document their dives and better promote the sustainable income generation venture, three sewing machines (one of which was for the Women’s Enterprise & Empowerment Centre and two were for beneficiaries who wanted to set up cottage industries to support their families), spectacles to the needy and a special dry food donation costing Rs. 15,000/- to the Madampagama Elders’ Home.

With incredible volunteers like the Charlton Brown group, the Foundation of Goodness’ services continue to grow and improve. We would like to say a very hearty thank you to this team and to Charlton Brown for your continuous support over the years!


04th November 2015



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