Credit Suisse Volunteers in Seenigama

A group of 32 volunteers from investment banking company Credit Suisse visited the Foundation of Goodness recently as their community outreach project.

The Foundation of Goodness has the pleasure of counting Credit Suisse as one of our invaluable sponsors who’s supports enables us to deliver a wide range of services to uplift rural villagers seeking self-development and greater opportunities to improve their lot in life.

Credit Suisse are the current sponsors of our Business Skills Centre, Tamil Language Training and Computer Centre which collectively help over 600 rural students gain new skills and capabilities every year.

The recent visit by Credit Suisse was a great opportunity for their staff to personally get involved in community development work and help make a difference.

The group were very busy during their two day visit, working together as one big team on the first day to paint the FoG Aviva Community Hall and then breaking up in to smaller groups on the second day to conduct a variety of programmes for the FoG beneficiaries.

The Aviva Community Hall was established during the village reconstruction phase following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and serves as a focal point for various community activities, providing a  place for villagers to gather and stage special events including children’s concerts. Community centres like this play an important role in community building and the effort put in by the Credit Suisse Team to completely paint the building and have it looking brand new was greatly appreciated and admired by all the villagers.

On day two, children attending classes at FoG were in for a real treat as the Credit Suisse volunteers conducted a variety of programmes as follows;

Training session for kids CV writing and interview skills
MS office
Reading,arts & craft
English conversation class

The kids were absolutely delighted to participate in these activities and their happy faces were absolutely sparkling at the end of the sessions.

We are incredibly appreciative of this wonderful community outreach programme conducted by Credit Suisse and hope to see many more such visit in the future, as we work together to uplift rural communities in Sri Lanka.


14th May 2018








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