Medical, Dental and Psycho-social Support

Medical Centre

As one of the first projects initiated by the Foundation of Goodness, in 1999, the origins of the Medical Centre lies in the maternity clinics held in association with the Medical Officer for Health (MOH) of Hikkaduwa for the advantage of rural mothers and mothers to be.

After the Tsunami, the provision of medical care was a top priority. In 2005, a group of US volunteers including two paediatric specialists, Jugtha and Deepa, established the Medical Centre which also includes a pharmacy and laboratory services.

The Medical Centre staff also conducts community outreach programmes including maternity clinics and visits local elders’ homes to ensure their wellbeing.

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Donation of Medical Equipment

We also undertake the facilitation of special donations, the donation of a Philips MX450 Multipara Monitor and 3 Nasal High Flow Oxygen Systems to the Colombo National Hospital Intensive Care Unit and a stock of nebulizers and personal protective medical equipment to the Kattankudy Base Hospital, Batticaloa via the Kattankudy Harmony Centre during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

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Dental Clinic

The Dental Clinic was added to our Medical Centre in 2007 and helps low-income beneficiaries in the region to gain access to free of charge dentistry. This is one of the only dental clinics that offer rural beneficiaries the opportunity to see a density ad receive oral care, for free.

The Dental Clinic also conducts oral care programmes and check-ups for local schools and orphanages to ensure their well being and teach rural children the importance of dental hygiene.

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Additional Resources:

To learn more about good oral hygiene habits please visit: 

Community Psycho-social Unit

The counselling and psychosocial support work provided by the committed and experienced Community Psychosocial Unit who receive ongoing training and support from local and overseas professionals has been essential for the welfare of the villagers.

This is a special service provided for rural communities, mainly due to the fact that many of the issues raised are considered taboo within Sri Lanka culture.

The psycho-social unit conducts one on one counselling sessions in addition to specialised seminars for various FoG sectors, schools, elders’ homes and orphanages.

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