Enterprise and Business Skills Development

Business Skills

The Business Skills Centre at the flagship venue of the Foundation of Goodness, in Seenigama, provides vocational training to rural youth and adults for the purpose of entering the job market or establishing their own business. These programmes are aimed at developing skills and improving the students’ financial status which has a ripple effect not just in uplifting their own standard of life but also that of their family and community.

Our Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centres across the Sri Lanka also offer courses such as CCTV installation and maintenance, public speaking, mobile phone repair and auto-mechanic theory.

Since inception, our business skills courses have empowered 682 rural Sri Lankans to upgrade their lives.


CCTV Installation & Maintenance


Electrical Installation & Maintenance

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Public Speaking

Diving & Training Centre

The Seenigama Diving and Training Centre was established in 2008 and provides professional diving training for rural youth.

Before the 2004 Tsunami, the main livelihood in the region was coral mining/ burning to make quicklime. Research after the Tsunami showed that in areas where coral had been destroyed, the waves were much more powerful and destructive and this research led to the banning of coral mining.

The Seenigama Diving & Training centre was opened to provide an alternative to the young divers in the region and divert them from returning to the destructive act of coral mining by providing the necessary training to become licensed PADI divers. This qualified them for employment in the global commercial diving business and through the affiliated company Dive Seenigama, Dive Lanka.

The course is a 3-month Professional Diving Class III course and students also complete their PADI Advanced Course to fully equip them for employment in industrial diving work.


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