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Medicine Shortage in Sri Lanka

Urgent Medical Supplies Required for Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan public health care system has been crippled due to the economic crisis, with stocks of essential medicine and equipment depleting or completely running out across the country due to the lack of foreign currency to import new stocks.

Patients’ lives are in critical danger due to the lack of essential and urgent medicine for crucial operations and procedures such as dialysis, heart surgery and more.

The Foundation of Goodness seeks to help hospitals acquire these essential drugs in order to save the lives of Sri Lankans in need

Selected Hospitals

The Karapitiya Hospital is located in one of the biggest hospitals in the Galle District, in the South of Sri Lanka.

The Teaching Hospital of Jaffna is one of the largest in the Jaffna District, located in the North of Sri Lanka (most critical highlighted).

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is the leading hospital dedicated to the diagnosis and follow-up treatment of cancer

Base Hospital Balapitiya (BHB) is the leading and largest type A base hospital in Southern Province in Sri Lanka.

Batticaloa Teaching Hospital is the leading public hospital in the Eastern Province

Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children is the largest free of charge Pediatric Hospital in Sri Lanka.

Below is a list of their urgently required medical items.

The General Hospital is a government hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is a leading hospital in Sri Lanka and has 18 intensive care units and 21 operating theaters. The hospital carries out 5,000 major and minor surgeries each month and treats over two million out patients a year.

Urgently needed medication for the cancer unit of the Kandy General Hospital

Special donation of anti-venom for snake bites, urgently required in the region.


The above medications are currently in stock at local pharmacies at the above prices. Please note that there are limited stocks of medication available which may run out within a few days and prices may also change for new stock, due to foreign exchange rate fluctuations.

The funds will be pooled to purchase the most critical/urgent medications at the time of purchase subject to availability and alternatively the next most critical medications will be purchased. We will do our utmost to fulfill the above requirements to the best of our ability under these circumstances.