A holistic rural community development model seeking to bridge the gap between the urban and rural communities via 10 empowerment divisions across 500+ villages island-wide reaching over 35,000 beneficiaries annually, free of cost.

At the Foundation of Goodness, we believe that it is this lack of opportunity and access to facilities that create a deep divide of inequality between urban and rural Sri Lanka. We firmly believe in the power of education to help people break out of the cycle of poverty and improve their own lives and therefore, have put in place a unique rural development model that aims to provide opportunities to rural Sri Lankans, via our 10 empowerment divisions


Our 10 Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centres (VHE) embody this belief and provide various courses completely free of charge to rural Sri Lankans. This includes rural sports development initiatives such as cricket, table tennis, swimming and karate. They also include women empowerment courses such as cookery classes, beauty culture and sewing lessons. Certain VHE’s also offer National Vocational Qualifications which are certified by the Sri Lankan government, such as IT courses, electrical courses and many more. 







Many of our beneficiaries are able to take a step towards a better, more enriched life due to these courses, and over the years, we have seen many of them succeed beyond all expectations. These courses, which are an unaffordable dream to many rural Sri Lankans, is what make these success stories even more inspiring. Our newest beneficiary to take a step up in life is our beauty culture graduate P.H. Tharaka.


We celebrate her employment at the Bonita Salon, a renowned local beauty salon in Sri Lanka. P.H.Tharaka was a part of our beauty culture course at the MCC Centre of Excellence from June to December 2019 and hails from the rural south of Sri Lanka. Tharaka will now be able to enjoy a secure future while also supporting her family with the income she earns.

We wish her every success and hope that she continues to exceed expectations!