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Medical Donations in Support of Combatting COVID-19

In Batticaloa, Eastern Sri Lanka, the Kattankudy Base Hospital (KBH) was recently converted into a Coronavirus Treatment Center (COVID-19 Unit) and although several coronavirus patients are currently receiving treatment at the KBH, the hospital lacks adequate facilities for both the patients and staff.

The Foundation of Goodness privileged to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Koddaimunai Sports Village Batticaloa to donate a stock of nebulizers and personal protective medical equipment via the Kattankudy Harmony Centre to the KBH at the Kattankudy Police Station, Kattankudy. The transportation of items from Colombo to Kattankudy was carried out with the support of the Sri Lanka Police. 

The items donated by Mr. Puvanasingham Vaseeharan include:

PPE Kit Heavy Duty Units with Head Cover – 100 nos 

KN95 mask – 101 nos 

Nebulizer industrial – 27 nos 

Goggles – 58 nos 

The items were handed over to Dr. S. Sashikaran, Coordinator of the COVID-19 Unit at the BH, Kattankudy.

The occasion also highlighted unity and harmony between the religious groups in Sri Lanka coming together at a time of need as a Tamil gentleman, who has been supporting development work in Jaffna, was the kind donor of this equipment and it was coordinated by Sinhalese intermediaries to make the donation to a predominantly Muslim community.


These donations are a gesture of goodwill by the Foundation of Goodness in the spirit of unity and harmony, having initiated our activities in the Kattankudy region by organizing a cricket coaching camp sponsored by Tokyo Cement a few months back with the support of Harmony Centre.

Furthermore, Dr. Rez Rahim from Australia together with Dr. Danushi Ganegoda, friends and well-wishers raised funds to donate a Philips MX450 Multipara Monitor and 3 Nasal High Flow Oxygen Systems to the Colombo National Hospital Intensive Care Unit along with two stands, essential and life saving equipment that will help any Sri Lankans in battling respiratory illness. 


These truly magnanimous gestures which come at a time of great crisis as the whole world struggles to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic will go a long way towards ensuring the health and well-being of critical sufferers, helping them to pull through and return to good health.

We are incredibly grateful for kindhearted donors who have stepped up at a time of great urgency to support and uplift others!