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A Day of Learning at Shangri-La Hambantota

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May 22, 2024
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June 6, 2024

At the Foundation of Goodness, our mission to bridge the urban-rural divide is continually enriched by the generosity and support of esteemed partners. This week, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the team at Shangri-La Hambantota for offering our housekeeping students an unparalleled learning experience.









From the moment we arrived, our group was warmly welcomed by the dedicated hotel staff. The day was meticulously planned to ensure that our students gained maximum benefit. The agenda included a comprehensive tour of the hotel’s public areas, an introduction to the different types of rooms, and detailed sessions on housekeeping operations such as cleaning protocols, laundry operations, and waste disposal practices. Particularly noteworthy was the focus on towel art and desk operations, which added an extra layer of practical skill to the students’ learning.









The personal grooming session was particularly impactful, addressing a critical area where our students often face challenges. The hotel staff’s stories about the importance of grooming in securing employment resonated deeply, reinforcing the significance of personal presentation in the hospitality industry. This session alone has greatly boosted the confidence of our students, equipping them with not only the skills but also the mindset necessary for success.









The day was not just about learning; it was also about making our students feel valued and respected. The ice cream treats on arrival, the sumptuous tea, snacks, and lunch provided a warm, hospitable environment that made the students feel special.

This visit to Shangri-La Hambantota has significantly raised the bar for our housekeeping course. We are deeply appreciative of the time, effort, and expertise shared by Dhammike and the entire hotel team. Such experiences are vital in our mission to empower rural youth, providing them with the skills and confidence to bridge the gap between urban and rural opportunities.

This fabulous opportunity undoubtedly left a lasting impression on our students.


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