The Foundation of Goodness is a holistic rural development model that seeks to bridge the urban-rural divide in Sri Lanka via 10 empowerment divisions across 900+ villages island-wide, and reached over 307,000+ beneficiaries in 2022 alone by way of 15 Empowerment Centres, free of cost.

A Wave of Blessings: Generous Donors Transforming Lives in Rural Sri Lanka

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September 27, 2023
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The month of August brought with it a wave of compassion and generosity that touched the lives of countless individuals in rural communities across Sri Lanka. In these challenging times, when the world has been grappling with various crises, the heartwarming acts of kindness by gracious donors have illuminated the path to a brighter future for many. We celebrate the benevolence of several remarkable individuals and organisations who have made commendable contributions to uplift and empower those in need.



One of the standout contributions in August came from the benevolent couple, Mr. & Mrs. Sivendra. Their donation of 1,000 grocery packs under the “Feed the Hungry” program left an unforgettable mark on the hearts of those who received them. The couple went above and beyond by personally distributing these packs to the beneficiaries in the Ragala area of the Nuwara Eliya District. The impact of their selfless act resonated deeply within the 29 villages they touched, providing much-needed sustenance during these trying times.










Sports has always played a big role in the Foundation of Goodness mission to empower rural communities. One of the most recent projects that we have commenced have been the building of the University of Vavuniya Multisport complex. The aim of transforming the University of Vavuniya grounds and sports complex into a prominent sports hub for the Northern Province. Its strategic location positions it to serve Mannar, Anuradhapura, Trincomalee, Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu. This extended reach will provide diverse communities with access to these facilities and training opportunities, enabling them to excel and gain significant exposure. The construction of the new Gymnasium and Basketball Court, kindly sponsored by Tanoto Foundation and the Badminton courts sponsored by Vanni Hope Foundation along with our Trustee Pradeep Karunagaran have already commenced.



Mrs. Srini Karunaratne’s generous donation had a wide-reaching impact across various projects and areas of need. Her support extended to initiatives like Women’s Empowerment, Women in Sports, and the provision of essential school supplies to underprivileged children. Her contribution also played a pivotal role in the sustainability of the Polonnaruwa Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centre, benefiting 2,250 beneficiaries. Mrs. Karunaratne’s kindness served as a beacon of hope for numerous individuals striving for a better life.



Another notable contribution came from Mr. Ranjan de Costa, whose support was directed towards the Mahiyanganaya Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centre. His donation will benefit 572 beneficiaries and ensure the continuity of various programs aimed at empowering the local communities. Mr. de Costa’s generosity underscores the importance of sustaining such empowerment centres, which serve as catalysts for positive change.



In August, the Periasamy family, comprising Mr. Jothi Periasamy, Mythili, Sathvi, and Mrithula, initiated a plethora of welfare projects. Their endeavors encompassed sanitization projects, the distribution of grocery packs, and the provision of essential school supplies, among other initiatives. Their comprehensive approach to addressing the multifaceted needs of the community exemplifies the spirit of philanthropy and community service.



Mrs. Lalitha Mahadevan and Mr. Muthiah Mahadevan, whose gracious contribution was directed towards the Mathagal Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centre. The funds were utilized to acquire essential equipment for both the Preschool and the Dressmaking Course. This investment in education and skills development promises to empower individuals in the Mathagal community and open doors to brighter opportunities.



The month of August in Sri Lanka was truly marked by the spirit of giving, compassion, and empowerment. Generous donors have demonstrated how a single act of kindness can have a far-reaching impact, has been a beacon of to the countless individuals in rural communities. Their contributions have not only provided immediate relief but also paved the way for sustainable development, education, and empowerment, during these challenging times. 


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