The Foundation of Goodness is a holistic rural development model that seeks to bridge the urban-rural divide in Sri Lanka via 10 empowerment divisions across 900+ villages island-wide, and reached over 307,000+ beneficiaries in 2022 alone by way of 15 Empowerment Centres, free of cost.

Bringing Positivity to the World: Good News Radio by FoG & Futura Tech Labs

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Good News Radio!

The Foundation of Goodness (FoG) has launched ‘Good News Radio’, a new platform that brings positive and uplifting content to people worldwide. With the support of Futura Tech Labs, this brand new web radio station dedicated to charitable activity and good news, the only one of its kind is equipped with the mStudio suite (donated to FoG along with associated hardware and accessories), which helps manage its assets, schedule playlists, and broadcast its stream.

The launch of Good News Radio also opens up opportunities to provide practical media training for rural children. This training will cover various aspects of radio broadcasting, including presenting, playlisting, software navigation, and content scheduling. Good News Radio aims to empower the next generation of media personnel from rural Sri Lanka, providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in this field.

“Being good and doing good has been the philosophy behind the Foundation of Goodness, and in this journey, we have understood how spreading goodness has impacted many lives – to become better than they used to be. The thought that inspired Harsha Purasinghe to make this one-of-a-kind goodness broadcast for the benefit of future generations will bring blessings in abundance and augur well for our country, going forward,” said Kushil Gunasekera, Founder of the Foundation of Goodness.

Good News Radio will air live every Saturday from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm and can be accessed on the FoG website and via a dedicated mobile app. The live recording of the programme will also be uploaded to the FoG YouTube channel. The platform aims to bring a ray of hope and positivity to its listeners, as it showcases stories of kindness, generosity, success and resilience from rural Sri Lanka. 

“We are deeply moved by the Foundation of Goodness’s work towards social impact. With this donation, Futura Tech Labs hopes to empower the Foundation to spread positive news around the world and provide media training to rural youth and schoolchildren. We are confident that this contribution will help the Foundation connect communities and share its good work with a global audience,” said Harsha Purasinghe, CEO of Futura Tech Labs.

Good News Radio is a much-needed platform that provides a source of inspiration and hope in these challenging times. The collaboration between the Foundation of Goodness and Futura Tech Labs has made this project possible, and it will undoubtedly have a positive impact on rural disadvantaged communities in Sri Lanka and even the urban population across the world. The media training initiative for rural children will further enhance the impact of this project, providing a valuable opportunity for the next generation to learn, grow, and make a difference.

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