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Donations to the Balapitiya Base Hospital

August 18, 2021
Essential Grocery Packs – Phase 3
September 1, 2021

As Sri Lanka continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, an exponential surge in infections has put a huge strain on local hospitals which barely have the facilities to treat rural patients. The Balapitiya Base hospital is located in Balapitiya, which is around 35km from Galle in the Southern Province and around 80km from Colombo. It provides essential medical support for thousands of rural Sri Lankans. 

The Foundation of Goodness was happy to facilitate the provision of a gas burner with a foot switch, a Samsung refrigerator, 10 oxygen flow meters, a Sputum Burner, 8 paddle dustbins and 8 commodes, wash basins and sink lever taps to the Balapitiya Base Hospital, to aid in their fight against COVID-19.  A very special thank you to Manik De Silva for this magnanimous and timely donation.

The Sputum Burner was especially appreciated by the Director Dr. Chandana and the Consultant Microbiologist Dr. Thushari who had been needing it for more than two years.

Additionally, 100 inhalers were also donated by Dinal Phillips to the Balapitiya Base Hospital to help patients in need. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently claiming more than 100 Sri Lankan lives daily, and we are immensely grateful for donations such as these that aid in fighting the pandemic.

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