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Empowering rural women to enter the international arena : Parami’s Start to Success

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March 14, 2024
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March 28, 2024

Residing by the railway in the village of Seenigama, Sri Lanka, Parami De Silva is the daughter of a bicycle repairman. When she was just 4 years old, the devastating 2004 boxing day tsunami swept away their home, and her father lost his shop and any means of a livelihood. Fortunately, for them, through the Victoria Housing Scheme programme, they were gradually able to rebuild their lives over the years.

During her school years, Parami was a playful child. It was her parents who consistently pushed her and her siblings to excel academically, all the while providing exceptional care to ensure they stayed on track with their education. Despite her playful spirit, Parami was always encouraged to strive for more. After attempting her A-levels in the Biology stream,she decided it was time to pursue her passion.

Since 2011, Parami has been a beneficiary of the IT Courses at the Foundation of Goodness, OYOB Centre of Excellence. Having been exposed to the world of technology and its possibilities at the Foundation of Goodness at a young age, she found her passion ignited. As the Foundation’s IT courses upgraded and evolved, so did her skills and passion. She chose to specialise in web design, where she demonstrated a natural aptitude.

Today at the age of 24, Parami, with the support of the Foundation of Goodness, secured a position at Mekor LLC which is a US based food and beverage import and distribution company owned by Mr. Sapan Nainani, a gracious supporter of the Foundation of Goodness who has exhibited many acts of kindness and generosity, unasked for over a decade. Parami was hired for website management and product cataloging. Her manager has been consistently impressed with her progress and foresees a bright future for her.

Expressing her gratitude, Parami says,“I owe so much to the Foundation of Goodness, Mr. Sapan Nainani and especially my IT Lecturer, Akila Sir, who played a significant role in my journey. My motto in life and what motivates me is the saying “The one who wants to wear the crown, must bear its weight”

The Foundation of Goodness helped me believe in myself and boosted my confidence.I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.”Parami epitomises the values of the Foundation of Goodness, which believes in the potential for greatness within everyone. By bridging the urban-rural divide, the Foundation empowers individuals and communities alike.

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