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International Mother Earth Day 2021

The call has never been louder that the time has come for everyone to step up and do their part in protecting the earth and environment, urgently. 

The 2021 International Mother Earth Day was marked with the clear recognition of this call and its importance. The Foundation of Goodness has always recognised the importance of protecting the environment and working towards a greener tomorrow. Therefore, ideas of sustainability and environmental awareness are inculcated in the curriculum taught at all our Centres islandwide.

Our beneficiaries participated in many activities that teach them to care for the environment and become responsible citizens of Planet Earth.

These include lessons from the Planetary Health Education Course, designed by former FoG volunteer Dr. Anusha Seneviratne with the aim of inspiring future world leaders of sustainability and champions of nature.  They learnt all about the importance of Nature in our lives this month!


Meanwhile the students of the Akurala Child Resilience Centre learned about the detrimental effects of oil spills on the environment while those at the VHE Centre in Sittandy (Ampara District) learnt about traditional seeds.

Several Home Gardens established under the Goodness Agriculture Initiative also here in bloom with delicious organic fruits and vegetables! Tree planting initiatives also took place. 

This International Mother Earth Day, the Dive For Good Centre too renewed its commitment to protecting the ocean, with continuing efforts in coral restoration, beach cleaning and Ocean Care campaigns!

Let’s work towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable planet for us all!