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Malvern College UK visits the Sports Academy

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April 26, 2023
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May 11, 2023

International Sports Tours are a unique activity that makes the Foundation of Goodness Sports Academy stand out. Sports teams from around the world visit our Sports Academy to engage in friendly tournaments ranging from cricket to netball, to test their skills against our rural but talented players, opening up a whole new world of experiences for both the visiting and home teams.

Sports tours have always been a highlight for the Foundation of Goodness but due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Sri Lankan economic crisis, we have missed out on having teams visit us over the last few years. This is also a reason why we are very excited to see the return of sports teams from around the world.

Malvern College UK visited us in April 2023 with their U15 and U18 cricket teams to test out their skills in friendly matches against our Academy Cricket Teams. The U18 team even had the wonderful opportunity to play against the FoG Academy U17 Team who have just returned victorious following the ICAL Tournament in India.

The two U15 T-20 matches ended in victory for the FoG team and the Malvern U18 team also tested their skill against the ICAL tournament winners and understood firsthand why that team was the winner of an international tournament, as they won the match by 9 wickets.

At the end of the day, however, it was not about winning or losing, but about gaining new experiences and forging friendships. The Malvern teams also took the time to tour the Foundation of Goodness’ flagship venue, the OYOB Centre of Excellence to learn more about the community empowerment programmes that we conduct.

The students from Malvern College held an IT workshop for our beneficiaries and donated stationery to the little ones at Lahiru Pre-school. Smiles filled every face as a result of the incredible experiences that were shared during this unforgettable visit.

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