The Foundation of Goodness is a holistic rural development model that seeks to bridge the urban-rural divide in Sri Lanka via 10 empowerment divisions across 900+ villages island-wide, and reached over 307,000+ beneficiaries in 2022 alone by way of 15 Empowerment Centres, free of cost.

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September 24, 2020
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October 14, 2020

The Good Life Institute of the Foundation of Goodness launched its latest initiative, the Good Life Centre, in Kahawa in the Seenigama region last month. A special, heartfelt thank you to Roger and Rozanne from Australia for making this initiative possible. The event, which saw performances by the beneficiaries, was also graced by Dr. Praneeth Abyesundara and Founder of the Foundation of Goodness Kushil Gunasekera.








This is the first-ever Good Life Centre in Sri Lanka, which is based in Kahawa, in the Galle District of Sri Lanka. In line with the vision of the Good Life Institute, the Good Life Centre’s core focus is to inculcate good values in children from rural villages to be more responsible towards the community and environment. Alongside offering children support on school subjects, the Centre will deliver STEM education, an English Reading Programme, the Goodness Agriculture Initiative and the Children’s Good Values Initiative free of cost. 

Striving in academic studies should go hand in hand with instilling good values into children’s lives from a very young age. The truth of the matter is, we now live in a world where parents and families have become nuclear due to their work schedules and other commitments. If a child is not able to imbibe the concept of “Goodness” from the time that they are aware of the surroundings and how to respond to it, their future path will have no real value. With this in mind, the Good Life Centre hopes to be a vehicle towards instilling a sense of empathy, integrity, and reliability amongst the youth of Sri Lanka so that they can take these skills into the adult world to make it better.








As our Mentor Kushil Gunasekera often says, “Education can make you rich, but values will make you happier”. The teachers and coordinators of the new Good Life Centre received a special training by Kushil Gunasekera, where he stressed on the importance of inculcating good values along with high quality education for the boys and girls in the rural village of Kahawa.










Since its inception last year, the Good Life Institute has developed and implemented various projects, notably the Good Life Experience – Better Than I Used To Be programme, MindShaper – What the Classroom Didn’t Teach, Planetary Health Education and the Children’s Good Values Initiative.

To learn more about the Good Life Institute visit: Good Life Institute

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