The Foundation of Goodness is a holistic rural development model that seeks to bridge the urban-rural divide in Sri Lanka via 10 empowerment divisions across 900+ villages island-wide, and reached over 307,000+ beneficiaries in 2022 alone by way of 15 Empowerment Centres, free of cost.

The Goodness Capsule – A Timely Prescription

Celebrating Women
March 19, 2020
The Goodness Capsule – Virus Remedial Action
April 1, 2020

The COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) has brought the world to a standstill. Quarantine and social distancing has made people look at life differently. They now appreciate the hard work of nurses, grocery store workers and cleaners, who have become more important than ever before. It is becoming harder to remain positive as the number of cases grows worldwide and here at home too. Therefore, our Founder and Chief Trustee Kushil Gunasekera has introduced the Goodness Capsule- a timely prescription. These thought-provoking quotes inspire and motivate us to remain positive and utilise this rare time to reflect on ourselves. We hope this “virus remedial action” inspires you to make a heartfelt, humane and positive impact, for the Universe to be kind.   


We hope everyone in our Foundation of Goodness community continues to remain safe and act responsibly during this difficult time!

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