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FoG Unity Teams excel at IronMan 70.3 Colombo 2019

Our FoG Unity Teams made it to the top ranks at IRONMAN 70.3 Colombo 2019!

The Foundation of Goodness put forward three Unity Teams for this year’s IRONMAN 70.3 Colombo races. The FoG Unity Teams are made up of athletes from across Sri Lanka, from the North to the South of the island. The Unity Teams stand as a testament to the power of peace and is a step in the right direction in reconciliation between communities…



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The Foundation of Goodness now gives you the chance to dive beneath the waves, create mouth-watering dishes and experience village life as never before during your next trip to Seenigama, Sri Lanka.

When you support our sustainable income generation ventures it helps the local community to thrive and grow, so every rupee spent will go towards uplifting the lives of the very people you will meet during the visit.

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  • N. G. H. Lakmali Jayalath
    I had no skills. My future was uncertain and I felt that the world was very unfair to me. I had no means of making a living until I learned new skills from the Women’s Enterprise Centre. Now I am capable of earning a living for the rest of my life
    N. G. H. Lakmali Jayalath
  • H. Maduranga
    After A/Levels I had no real options but one of my friends gave me information about FoG and I followed the Programming and Web Design courses at their IT Centre. Now I am a senior QAT for Trax Smart Recognition Retail System. FoG led me to the best opportunity I ever had in my life, the people at FoG did not let me down
    H. Maduranga
  • H. Manuja
    I lost three of my sisters and my nephew on the day of the tsunami. I was afraid of the ocean after that but wanted to overcome it and learn to dive. Because of the skills I gained at the FoG Diving & Training Centre I am now a skilled diver working in Dubai as a life guard
    H. Manuja
  • H. W. C. Athula
    I mortagd my house to go overseas for employment and lost it. Now my family lives with my Uncle and if not for FoG I would noto be able to provide for them. I am earning a salary today because of the NVQ 4 Certificate level traiing I received at the Electrical Installation Course.
    H. W. C. Athula