The Foundation of Goodness is a holistic rural development model that seeks to bridge the urban-rural divide in Sri Lanka via 10 empowerment divisions across 900+ villages island-wide, and reached over 307,000+ beneficiaries in 2022 alone by way of 15 Empowerment Centres, free of cost.

Reaching for Success
June 22, 2022
The British School in Colombo Visits the Foundation of Goodness
July 6, 2022

Phase 4 Ends: 

As at the end of June 2022, the Feed the Hungry Phase 4 draws to a close, with 4943 essential grocery packs (valued at Rs. 5000 each) delivered to over 238 rural villages. This has benefitted more than 22,600 Sri Lankans who are struggling to afford meals due to the prevailing crisis situation.

We wholeheartedly thank all our donors whose kindness has brought immense relief to those struggling in Sri Lanka.  We would like to specially recognise Help Hunger UAE & Global for their kind contributions, which enabled hundreds of rural families to have essential food items across the island.

Phase 5 commences on July 1st 2022:

Under the new phase, 2486 packs (at Rs. 3500) have been scheduled for the Upcot, Puttalam, Mawella, Mattakkuliya, Kurunegala, Nikaweratiya, island-wide VHE Centres, Negombo, Galle District, Jinanada Elders’ Home, Nethsarasevena Special Needs Home and Anula Girls’ Home (Orphanage).


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