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December 8, 2021
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December 22, 2021

Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s prestigious Marylebone Cricket Club Sports Scholarship, facilitated by the Foundation of Goodness!

The following students have been hand picked as talented up and coming cricketers from rural Sri Lanka and we hope this scholarship enables them to train better and harder than ever before.

  1. Pawan Sandesh      – Devapathiraja College, Rathgama
  2. Sasanka Nirmal      – Devapathiraja College, Rathgama
  3. Malsha Tharupathi    – Richmond College, Galle
  4. Hasitha Rajapaksha   – Dharmasoka College, Ambalangoda
  5. Sasindu Malshan     – Dharmasoka College , Ambalangoda
  6. Kaveesha Imasha – Revata College, Balapitiya
  7. Umesh Kavinda      – Vidyaloka College, Galle
  8. Hiruni Hansika       – Devapathiraja Girls, Rathgama
  9. Rashmi Nethranjali    – Devapathiraja Girls, Rathgama
  10. Vihara Sewwandi    – Devapathiraja Girls, Rathgama
  11. Jeewaka Shashen – Devapathiraja College Rathgama (absent due to COVID-19)
  12. Vishmi Gunaratne – Ratnavali Girls Gampaha (absent due to COVID-19)
  13. Anton Abishek – St. John’s Jaffna
  14. S. Kevin Derikshan – Jaffna Central 
  15. Sahil Dias – Wesley College Colombo

Since 2008, the Marylebone Cricket Club’s scholarship has helped rising sports stars from rural Sri Lanka to reach their full potential! Many of these students are unable to pursue their sporting talents due to financial constraints and this scholarship plays an integral role in providing them with the opportunity to follow their dreams and some of the scholarship recipients have even gone on to play Premier League Cricket or even represent Sri Lanka as members of the National Cricket Team.

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